Pay small small

Pay Small Small

Pay Small Small (PaySS) is a new convenient payment product from Vodafone Cash which allows you to acquire products and services from registered partners by paying in agreed instalments of 3, 6,9 or 12 months.


No need to borrow and buy

Flexible and convenient payment options

Prices of the products are not affected by inflation or Foreign Exchange

Access to quality brands

Who are our partners?

  1. Electroland – 0302211318/0302817555
  2. Iplace – 0205969472
  3. Novotech – 0204975419
  4. Sunseekers Tours -0302225393/0202044102
  5. SES HD Plus – 0242439872/ Whatsapp on 0593806555
  6. Techway – 0302957161

How do you sign up?

  1. Visit the partner shop to identify the item you want to purchase or [pick up product code from the list provided ]
  2. Ask or get the PaySS code of the item from the shop
  3. Go to Make Payments on *110# select Pay Small Small and subscribe
  4. When you complete payment, take your pick-up code to the partner

Please note:
Products and services are only made available to you upon full payment
If you pick up a product code from the product list provided, kindly look up the item in the partner’s shop or website to confirm availability.

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